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Therapeutic Riding Center


253 Hampden Road

East Longmeadow, MA 01028



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Whispering Horse Therapeutic Riding Center is a community-oriented, nonprofit organization, located at 253 Hampden Road in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts. 

At Whispering Horse, trained professionals accompanied by volunteers, assist individuals with disabilities to achieve their independence through a variety of therapeutic goals, such as, cognitive, emotional, educational, socially and behavioral 

We have been offering Therapeutic Riding Services since 2002.  Methods that utilize the strength of the horse's body with a variety of integrated therapeutic methods have proven to be one of the most progressive forms of therapy for individuals with disabilities.  These elements combined with the love, compassion and friendships shared between the horse and rider, fosters the perfect healing environment where nothing less than miracles can happen.

The mysteries surrounding these miracles are far too great for words to describe.  They must be witnessed first hand and felt with the heart.  

We strive to provide children and adults living with physical and mental limitations, a safe, enjoyable, and growth experience.  Our trained volunteers are at the heart of the program.  They are devoted to the caring community members of all ages.  Some serve as "side walkers" who assist the riders while others are leade's' who guide the horse during sessions.  Many others work behind the scenes caring for the horses, maintaining the facility to ensure a safe riding environment, or healing with fundraising. 

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The term Hippotherapy derived from the Greek word "hippos" meaning horse; in conjunction with the word therapy, meaning "treatment of the physical, mental or behavioral problem."  Hippotherapy differentiates from therapeutic rising whereas, in therapeutic riding, specific riding and stable skills are taught.  In physiotherapy, the focus is geared towards the treatment.

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Therapeutic Riding

Individuals on horseback, assisted by trained professionals and volunteers.  Riders enjoy a variety of games and activities designed for horseback which motivate the rider and provide opportunities of meeting physical, cognitive, behavioral and psychological goals.  Riders will spend the majority or time on the horse; grooming and stable management skills are also incorporated when appropriate.

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Summer Camp Schedule Announced

Whispering Horse staff is excited to announce we will be offering our Summer Camp this year! Please CLICK HERE for the 2021 schedule!

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